Education Resources

  • Download the "Tax Heaven" Simulation Game here.
    (Images to use as PowerPoint display of the game rules: Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7+)

    This tax dodging simulation game is a great resource for youth groups, conferences, schools and events and an excellent way to engage your group in understanding the issue. Put yourself in the shoes of multinational executives, community members in poor nations, tax accountants or government officials. Help your group understand multinational tax dodging and the impact it has on poor countries. The simulation needs 40-70 minutes to run and a minimum of 25 people. 

  • Find background Information on tax dodging and corruption

  • Read Thirty Pieces of Silver - a fresh exploration of corruption in the Bible

  • Watch a short video clip which introduces the issue

  • Read three personal stories and biblical reflections which highlight the injustice of global tax dodging here

  • Find statistics and quotes on tax dodging here.

Political Resources

  • Click here to download the MP Meeting Guide to equip you for any MP meetings.

  • Click here to download the Shine the Light MP Briefing Sheet 

    The MP Briefing sheet is designed to be handed to your MP in a meeting. Make sure you use it in conjunction with the background sheet below which has been designed to give you further background on the issue of multinational tax dodging.

  • Click here to download a detailed Background Sheet with notes below.

  • Click here to download our submission to the Federal Treasury encouraging strong action on tax reform in the interest of the poor.

Case Study - Mining in Zambia

In April 2012 a group of non-government organisations filed a complaint against mining giant Glencore International AG and First Quantum Minerals with Swiss and Canadian authorities for alleged tax evasion in Zambia, through their subsidiary Mopani Copper Mines Plc. 

This complaint was came from the results of an audit commissioned by the Zambian authorities, with support from the Norwegian Government, in 2009. A series of anomoliesrevealed by this audit were shown to have reduced the taxable income of Mopani Copper Mines Plc by several hundred million dollars in the period 2003-2008.

Zambia, already a low-tax environment for mining companies, should not be cheated of valuable tax revenue by the aggressive tax aoidance schemes of multinational corporations.

Country by country reporting would ensure that the Zambian Government could determine exactly how much tax should be paid by each company and would help Zambian civil society hold their Government accountable for utilising these tax revenues to reduce poverty and contribute to the common good.

Read more about this Zambian case study here. 

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