Campaign Achievements


Two years ago when we started campaigning on tax and transparency very few Christians in Australia were aware of, let alone speaking about, the way tax dodging robs developing countries of the revenue they need to tackle poverty.

Today, we have helped build a nation-wide movement of people speaking out on tax justice and have helped shift national and global policy.

Australia, as host of the G20 in Brisbane, ensured that the world took further steps to bring transparency into the international tax system – calling for an end to anonymous companies, better information sharing between countries, and better reporting about their tax from multinational companies.

Australia has also committed to share tax information on an automatic basis with other developed countries from 2017 onwards, and has pledged to ensure that developing countries are able to benefit from greater transparency. No longer should tax dodgers and the corrupt be able to hide their ill-gotten gains in offshore accounts and investments. 

Global Action

Together with supporters of the global EXPOSED campaign, hundreds of Micah Challenge advocates in churches across Australia joined a quarter of a million people across 172 nations who signed the Global Call to End Corruption, added their 'shine the light selfie' to the global movement and emailed it to their politician, participated in prayer vigils and engaged in church-based and public actions to shine a light on tax dodging and corruption. 

Voices for Justice 2014

In Australia, over two hundred Micah Challenge advocates from churches across Australia gathered in Canberra in June 2014 at our annual lobbying conference - Voices for Justice - to meet face to face with over 100 Mps and Senators on the issue of tax dodging and the problem it presents for the world's poor.

Click here to view parliamentary speeches made by the politcians we visited during Voices for Justice.

See below for a video summary of 'Voices for Justice 2014'.

Shine the Light Brisbane

From 7-9 November, one week prior to the G20 Leader's Summit, we hosted a weekend of worship and advocacy events in Brisbane with the aim of raising awareness around the issue of tax dodging and corruption and influencing G20 leaders to take action.

Over the course of the weekend we held a Worship and Justice night, spoke in many Brisbane churches and created the 'world's largest mock tax haven' stunt formed by 100 Brisbane advocates in the CBD, which attracted significant national and international media coverage for our campaign.

See below for a video summary of 'Shine the Light Brisbane'.

Beyond the church, political and media realms, we also engaged the business sector by hosting a business leaders' roundtable during which Christian international entrepreneurs, academics, pastors, lawyers and tax policy researchers discussed ways ethical business practices can show God's heart for communities and promote prosperity for all.

G20 Summit Outcomes

We were pleased to see two of our three policy asks were specifically mentioned in the G20 leaders communique and that our global leaders are making progress in their efforts to combat corruption and financial secrecy. There are reasons to celebrate and to be encouraged, yet more concrete action will certainly be needed in order to more fully combat tax loopholes and to ensure our efforts benefit developing countries.

Click here to read our full analysis of the G20 Communique.

What still needs to happen

Australia (along with other G20 countries) needs to step up and require country-by-country reporting from multinationals who operate here. By making these reports publicly available, ordinary citizens, NGOs, academics, journalists and others will be able to help examine whether companies are contributing an appropriate share of tax, and also whether governments are doing the right thing by their citizens in the way they relate to businesses and how they make use of revenue from corporate tax. This level of public scrutiny is required to ensure that developing countries are fully able to benefit.

What you can do

You can continue to raise awareness of the problem of tax dodging and corruption for developing countries, and stay tuned for more campaign actions on tax justice.