Can you help us thank your Senator for Western Australia Linda Reynolds?

Recently Senator Reynolds spoke about the benefits of Australian Aid and we’d like to say thanks.

In Parliament Linda Reynolds said:

Australian aid supports hundreds of youth groups in rural communities in which young Cambodians are not only forging new relationships with each other and their own families but also rebonding local communities. In fact, this generation is now using what they learn to educate and support their parents on issues their parents never had the opportunity to learn under the Pol Pot regime and post-regime—things such as new farming practices, the perils of domestic violence and why domestic violence is wrong, the importance of hygiene and rubbish collection, and indeed civic pride itself. 

You can read the whole speech here.

Whenever a politician engages with the issues we all care passionately about, it’s important to encourage, thank, or even challenge them. It doesn't mean we support that politician, or endorse everything they say. But if they don’t hear from passionate people in their electorate when they do speak up, it’s easy for them to give up, get cynical, or assume their electorate doesn’t care about Australian aid.

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