Can you help us thank Terri Butler MP?

Recently Terri Butler of Griffith has spoken on Australian Aid and how it is directly affected by multinational tax avoidance and we’d like to say thanks.

In Parliament Terri Butler MP said:

Tax evasion also affects developing countries, and there are some estimates that suggest that the value of tax evasion globally actually exceeds the amount of aid paid out globally. Of course, if we had tax justice and if we had transparency around the world, and if everyone paid their fair share of tax in all jurisdictions, then that would take some of the pressure off aid and would help developing countries with their economic development. 

You can read the whole speech here

Whenever a politician engages with the issues we all care passionately about, it’s important to encourage, thank, or even challenge them. It doesn't mean we support that politician, or endorse everything they say. But if they don’t hear from passionate people in their electorate when they do speak up, it’s easy for them to give up, get cynical, or assume their electorate doesn’t care about Australian Aid or multinational tax avoidance.

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