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Extreme poverty is rising for the first time in 25 years.

End Extreme Poverty

As a global community, we have made significant progress in reducing extreme poverty. From 1990 to 2015, we saw the global percentage of those living in extreme poverty reduced from 36% of the global populations to 10%. However, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic this number has been on the rise, with a further 150 million people pushed into extreme poverty during the crisis. As a nation, we have the resources to counter this rise, and support our global neighbours to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Stop Conflict

Whilst the number of war related deaths has been declining since 1946, conflict and violence has been on the rise. According to the United Nations, the key contributors of this rise are a scarcity of resources (this is exacerbated by climate change), a breakdown of governance and unresolved regional conflict.

Globally, conflict is devastating the lives of 10% of the population. In our connected world, conflict has a reach far beyond the borders in which it is occurring, with flow-on effects felt widely.

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Rising conflict is defining this global moment.
Climate change hits the world’s poor hardest

Protect Communities from Climate Change

Yet again, it is the world’s poorest who are most impacted by the effects of climate change. Those who have contributed the least emissions are typically the ones facing the worst consequences – increased extreme weather events, greater disease, and displacement.

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Leave No One Behind

Our current structures and programs are failing those most vulnerable, with half of those living in extreme poverty being children and 20% of those in extreme poverty having a disability. It is often vulnerable peoples who are most effected by crisis and poverty.

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Centring those most vulnerable on the margins.
Australian Aid is at its least generous level ever

Australian Aid

Australian aid is transforming lives. Through Australian aid children receive an education, people have their sight restored, health rates improve and more. In 2023, Australia’s aid reached a historic low, with us ranked 27 out of 29 aid giving nations in terms of generosity. An increased aid budget is necessary to not just alleviate and prevent crises in the world, but also to be an accurate reflection of the generosity of Australian citizens.

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