Pacific-Australian Young Leaders Summit

The inaugural Pacific-Australian Young Leaders Summit gathered 100 young Christian leaders (22-35 years) from across 14 countries in our region in Canberra, for four-exciting days of learning from one another and engaging Australia’s parliamentarians and top regional decision makers.

Together, our delegates advocated for ‘healthy environments, empowered young people, and flourishing communities across the Pacific region’, while building lifelong connections.

Climate change. Gender equality. Self-determination. Youth Empowerment. Economic recovery.

Now is a critical time for young leaders in our region to gather and raise their voice for the future they see. Our Summit focused on training and building the capacity of young leaders in our region to further develop their skills in civic participation, policy engagement, governance, and leadership, and provide them the chance to learn more about technical areas of development assistance and foreign policy. There was a strong emphasis on learning from and being lead by the Indigenous voices of the Pacific Islands and Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Held over four days, the Summit is run in two halves:

Days 1 & 2 – Offsite Summit

Dialogue & relationship building between delegates

Presentations, trainings, and discussions for delegates, facilitated by:

  • Micah Australia, Pacific Conference of Churches & National Council of Churches Australia
  • First Nations Facilitators and Pacific Diaspora Facilitators
  • DFAT Departmental representatives
  • Foreign Embassies and Consulates
  • Academics

Cultural events showcasing the diverse backgrounds of the delegates

Days 3 & 4 – Political engagement at Australia’s Parliament House (APH)

Delegates broke into groups of 4 to undertake between 2-5 direct meetings with Australian MPs. Totalling 84 different MP meetings.

During any spare time the delegates engaged in further events, training, and discussions within APH setting, hearing from Minister Linda Burney, Rev James Bhagwan, CBM disability activists and more!


Interested in attending?

Applications for our emerging leaders summit 2023 have not yet opened however, you can register your interest by emailing info@micahaustralia.org

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