Media Release: Church leaders urge pollies to back permanent end to bombing

Media release | Thursday, 28 March 2024 

More than 100 church leaders have called on Australian politicians across the aisle to publicly back a permanent end to the bombing of civilians in Gaza. 

 Australia’s highest ranking Anglican, Archbishop Geoffrey Smith, Uniting Church in Australia President Rev Sharon Hollis and Micah Australia Executive Director Tim Costello are among 106 signatories to a letter urging parliament to call for an immediate and enduring end to the war and restore community cohesion. 

 “The scale of death and destruction in Gaza is horrifying and unacceptable,” said Archbishop Smith, the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia. 

 “We acknowledge the painful history of dispossession and violence faced by both Israelis and Palestinians leading to this and prior wars.  

 “But this must not be used to justify the deaths of more than 32,000 civilians – over a third of them children. 

 “We are calling on MPs and senators from across the political spectrum to call publicly for a permanent end to fighting between Israel and militant groups. 

 “It would be appalling for Australia, and the world, to tolerate the bombing and starvation of children as an unavoidable means to an end.” 

 The church leaders urged parliamentarians across the political divide to advocate for an end to military support for all parties involved in the war, the immediate and secure flow of aid into Gaza, and return of hostages and political prisoners held by Hamas and Israel. 

 The letter also called for all of those who had been forced from their homes because of this war and previous fighting to receive reparations and be given the opportunity to return.” 

 Rev Sharon Hollis said: “The war is inflicting immense pain and suffering to Israeli and Palestinian communities across the globe, including Australia. 

 “It’s vital that our politicians show courage and wisdom by uniting to calm community tensions and call for a permanent end to the horror unfolding in Gaza.” 

 Revd Costello said: “The continued bombardment of Gaza will not lead to peace. An immediate end to the fighting is needed to rebuild the enclave, and set the preconditions of a durable and peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.” 

You can read the open letter here.

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This group of Christian Leaders have also created a video, calling upon the wider Australian community to invest in peace. You can watch this video here.


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