Budget 2024: Is Australia missing its chance to make our world safer?

The following Budget response is part of Micah’s joint campaign – ‘Safer World for All’ – run with the wider Australian International Development sector. Further resources unpacking the need to advocate for a generous aid program from a Christian perspective can be found here.

We see it on our screens every day now. Increasing conflict and dangerous weather events are tearing lives apart and making our world far more unstable.

The world set a goal to end extreme poverty by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet today there are still approximately 700 million people trying to survive on less that $2.15 a day.

In this same period, the probability of crop yield failures due to climate change is projected to be as much as 4.5 times higher by 2030, adding to the burden of those already experiencing food insecurity.

Australians give generously to those in need throughout the world but we face challenges of a magnitude that need Governments to play their part too.

Now more than ever, Australia’s generosity is required to face humanitarian crisis in Sudan, Gaza, Ukraine & beyond, while continuing to strengthen investment in climate resilience, education, and women’s empowerment in our Asia-Pacific region.

This budget takes some important steps forward, particularly in new funding for climate initiatives in the Pacific. However, the lack of new funds to respond to soaring global humanitarian crises is concerning. 

Despite modest funding increases in this budget, Australia’s Official Development Assistance remains at a record low of 19 cents in every $100 in income. This is compared to similar nations such as the United Kingdom (58 cents per $100) and Canada (38 cents per $100).

Source: ANU Development Policy Centre

Our politicians worry that Australians won’t back efforts to support our neighbours as we face our own challenges as a nation. But what if they underestimate us?

For not only are Australians bighearted, we also understand the difference investing wisely makes.

Ten of Australia’s top 15 export markets today, are countries where we once provided aid.

And just like we prepare to fight our summer bushfires by taking preventative action in the winter, we know that if we don’t play our part in addressing the challenges our world faces today, they risk becoming catastrophes tomorrow.

So tell our leaders you support Australian Aid.

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