Leave No One Behind

Centering those most vulnerable and on the margins

Our current structures and programs are failing those most vulnerable. Half of those living in extreme poverty are children and 20% of those in extreme poverty live with a disability. It is often vulnerable peoples who are most effected by crisis and poverty.


of people living with a disability live in developing countries, where vital support is limited


children or young people will leave school unable to read and write by 2030, unless we change course


Women and girls with disabilities in the Pacific region face gender-based 10x the rate of those without


of women and girls in the Pacific Islands will experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetimes

The central theme of the Sustainable Development Goals is to ‘leave no one behind’. This recognises that often people with disabilities, women, children and minority groups can be overlooked in development initiatives and programs.

When drafting the SDG’s, the UN found that “many of the barriers people face in accessing services, resources and equal opportunities are not simply accidents of fate or a lack of availability of resources, but rather the result of discriminatory laws, policies and social practices that leave particular groups of people further and further behind.”

Throughout our advocacy work, we centre the voices and needs of those most vulnerable and most often overlooked. As followers of Jesus, we believe in that all are created in the image of God and that we are ‘all one in Christ’ (Gal 3:28). Unfortunately, this is not reflected in our world. To create a world of justice for all, we must follow Jesus’ lead and actively centre those on the margins, in the same way he did with social outcast like those with leprosy and impoverished communities.

Our call is for Australia to embrace a vision for building a safer world for all, built on:  

 Opportunity for all 
  • Everyone everywhere enjoys peaceful, prosperous and fulfilling lives, thriving in communities and countries that protect human rights, provide an adequate standard of income and where extreme poverty is eradicated. 
  • Opportunity and resources are shared equitably across geographies and for future generations: no-one is left behind 

Through our campaign A Safer World for All, you can call upon the Australian Government to rebuild Australian Aid to provide increased resources to achieve this.