Five things to expect at Voices for Justice 2019

Never been to Voices for Justice before? Here’s five things you can expect that might surprise you. 

1. Four Days with like-minded people who’ll inspire you.

Voices for Justice is unrivalled in bringing together a diverse range of people from all denominations and backgrounds who share the same passion: to speak up for the world’s poor.

You can expect to feel inspired by the people you’ll meet at Voices. There’ll be high school students, parents, missionaries, pastors, young professionals and more.  And over the four days you’ll have plenty of time to mingle with people and probably make some lifelong connections.

You might even have that light bulb moment when you realise ‘So there are Christians out there who are passionate about these issues like I am!’.

As one delegate told us:

“It proved there are thousands of Christians all around Australia passionate about faith and justice – just like me …. it was beautiful seeing the unity of the Body of Christ.”

VFJ group shot

2. The ‘Buzz’ of Canberra

Canberra is the seat of power in our nation and does have a certain ‘buzz’ to it, especially during sitting weeks.

The week of Voices is the last sitting week for the year, which means Parliament House will be especially busy and frantic.

Being there with hundreds of other people from across the nation, to meet with elected leaders and to raise our voice gives the whole conference a certain level of excitement and electricity you won’t find anywhere else!


3. Equipping and Training to interact confidently with Politicians

The main question we get asked about Voices for Justice is: what if I’ve never spoken to politicians before? The answer is simple: it doesn’t matter if you haven’t, because we will equip you every step of the way.

In fact, the whole conference is designed to train you in how to interact and speak confidently to politicians.

The Saturday and Sunday are especially dedicated to this task and there’ll be opportunities to ask questions, have a practice run in your lobby group and even speak directly to the people who do this sort of thing for a living!

4. A ‘Behind the Scenes’ look into the aid and development sector

This is definitely a perk of being at Voices for Justice!

Many staff from the aid and development sector across Australia will be present at Voices, including Micah’s member organisations like: World Vision, Tear, Caritas, CBM, Baptist World Aid, UnitingWorld, ADRA and more.

This is a great opportunity to meet sector staff and get an ‘up close and personal’ look at how the sector operates, and in particular, how these NGO’s advocate for lasting change. Through the sessions and workshops, you’ll be exposed to some of the leading experts in our nation when it comes to advocating for social justice.

5. Moments of Impact that will stay with you for a Lifetime 

One bit of feedback we often receive from delegates is that they are surprised at how much of an impact the lobby group meetings have on politicians. In short – politicians listen when we gather together in Canberra for Voices, they take notice and it has a lasting impact.

One of our past delegates said it best:

“The most striking thing for me personally was being there in the seat of power and experiencing my voice making a difference. Not just in a lip-service cliche way, but I tangibly felt it in several encounters, and they will stay with me forever.”

One past delegate was recently recalling a moment at a Voices where their group had an opportunity to pray outside the Prime Minister’s office and was recounting the impact of that moment on his own life.

It’s these sorts of tangible moments that will stay with you long after Voices is finished.

We can guarantee you will never regret giving up four days of your time to be in Canberra and speak up for the most vulnerable citizens of the world! This is your chance to make a difference as well as be inspired in your own vocation and calling.

Applications for Voices for Justice are now open.



Want to know more? 

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