Safer World For All campaign launches at Global Citizen NOW: Melbourne

The Safer World for All campaign launches today, pushing for Australia to help prevent the emergence of global catastrophes by investing in Australian aid, building a fairer global economy and securing a safer climate future. 

The campaign will launch with a panel discussion at the Global Citizen NOW: Melbourne NOW: Melbourne conference, with panellists including Asian Australian of the Year, Mariam Veiszadeh, First Nations leader and advocate, Bianca Manning, Reverend Tim Costello, and Goldstein MP, Zoe Daniel. 

Campaign spokesperson, Reverend Tim Costello said: “Two decades of global progress have stalled and we now confront overlapping challenges such as dangerous weather, hunger, violence and mass movement of people. If we do nothing, these challenges become crises, and then morph into catastrophe. 

“Investing to create a safer world for all can put the world back on the path to progress, peace and prosperity. This is best for the World and best for Australia.” 

The campaign calls for the Humanitarian Emergency Fund to be doubled to $300 million annually to respond to crises as they happen, an additional $350 million investment to better prepare for mounting natural disasters and protracted humanitarian crises, and an expansion of Australia’s foreign aid budget to 0.37% of gross national income by 2027 with a bipartisan commitment to reach 0.5%. 

If the word continues on its current path, by 2030, 575 million people (around 7% of the world’s population) will be living in extreme poverty. Approximately 600 million people will be chronically undernourished, 84 million children will be out of school and 660 million people will not have access to electricity. 

The probability of crop yield failures is projected to be as much as 4.5 times higher by 2030 and up to 25 times higher by 2050. 

“Failure to act and invest is a costly choice,” spokesperson Jessica Mackenzie said. “We will squander two decades of global co-operation and progress if we don’t take decisive action. 

Safer World For All is also campaigning for Australia to support global efforts to make debt, tax and investment fairer for the developing world alongside an annual commitment of $4 billion for global climate finance contributions and a $100 million initial contribution to the Loss and Damage Fund. 

Ten of Australia’s top 15 export markets today are countries where we once provided foreign aid. 

“Australia benefits more than most when poor countries become prosperous, stable, and less prone to violence and disease outbreaks. Investing in our neighbours is the right thing to do by them, but also the smart move for Australia,” Mackenzie said. 

“We owe it to our kids to invest in a safer world now so they also enjoy peace and prosperity.” 

The Safer World For All coalition consists of 25 humanitarian aid agencies and faith based charities, including Oxfam, Plan, Caritas, Save the Children, and ActionAid. It is supported by the Australian Council for International Development, Micah Australia and Global Citizen. 

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