Shot of Hope Report

Shot of Hope Report: Australia’s Role in Vaccinating the World against COVID-19


The End COVID For All (ECFA) nationwide campaign is in its second year of running now. The founding statement that the COVID-19 pandemic is ‘not over for anyone, until it is over for everyone’ has become a well-known statement among the Australian Parliament, Churches, and within the Australian Aid and Development sector.
A ‘Shot of Hope’ is the name of a report launched this week from the End COVID For All coalition, that encourages Australia’s role in vaccinating the world against COVID-19. But it is also an appropriate statement for the current status of the End COVID For All campaign which is achieving increasingly hopeful outcomes.
The report was co-authored by an Expert Advisory Group of researchers, analysts, and leaders including: Burnet Institute, Australian Global Health Alliance, Pacific Friends of Global Health, UNICEF Australia, Micah Australia and more.
It makes the case for an ambitious, expansive, and intelligent investment to vaccinate the world, highlighting the role of the Australian Government in that, and respectfully indicating the capacity we have as a nation to do so, together.


Link to the Report: A SHOT OF HOPE- Australia’s role in vaccinating the world against COVID-19