Pacific aid boost a strong start

Media Release:

Micah Australia, a coalition of churches and faith-based international development agencies, has strongly endorsed the Federal Government’s decision to commit $900 million over four years in development assistance for the Pacific.

The commitment is an increase on the additional $525 million promised at the election. The Federal Government is also standing by its $470 million funding boost pledge to South-East Asia.

Rev Tim Costello, Executive Director of Micah Australia, said:

“The government’s decision to invest in a stronger, healthier Pacific will transform lives and strengthen our relationships.

“This will begin addressing the years worth of lost development gains as a result of chronic underfunding. In recent years, Australian aid has been at its least generous levels ever.

“By listening to our neighbours and investing in development assistance that will lift Pacific communities, build economic resilience and improve infrastructure, we are creating a better future for all. We need to understand that this is an investment not a cost.

“Globally, humanitarian need still surpasses the support provided. We are seeing increased hunger and poverty due to the convergence of conflict, climate change and COVID-19. It’s important here that we meet our moral obligation as a wealthy nation to contribute to addressing these crises, as a generous member of the global community.”

Media contact:

Sofie Wainwright: 0403 920 301