Seven reasons you should come to Voices for Justice 2018

It’s our flagship event, and it’s only a few months away! If you’re not yet convinced you need to be at VFJ18, here are 7 solid reasons why you should come.

1. You’ll be around people who think the same way as you do about justice.

If you’ve sometimes felt a little isolated in your passion for justice and wondered if there are others who love to talk about issues of global justice as much as you, then this conference is for you!

VFJ will bring together over 200 like-minded Christians from across the nation. There will be people from every walk of life, including every church tradition, who share a heart for the world’s poor.

In other words, there’ll be plenty of people you can chat to!


2. You’ll be equipped to speak to politicians and then have the chance to do it.

Ever thought politicians are a bit intimidating to talk to? The truth is we have too, and it can be daunting the first time you’re in a meeting with a local member.

Our passion at Micah is to equip you to confidently and respectfully engage with politicians at the federal level.

During the first two days of VFJ, you’ll be equipped and trained through workshops and speakers, on how to best engage with politicians.

Then on the Monday and Tuesday, you’ll be put into an organised group, with a group leader and briefing notes, and you’ll have 2-3 meetings with politicians in Parliament House.

Many people who have been to VFJ over the years have commented ‘I thought it would be scary talking to politicians, but Micah made it easy and relaxed.’


3. World-class speakers that will blow your mind.

One of the highlights of VFJ each year is the quality of speakers, both global and local.

This year, we are honoured to have Adam Taylor, Executive Director from Sojourners as our international guest speaker. This guy knows justice.

Adam has previously worked at the World Bank and World Vision US. He is passionate about teaching Christians that: “Activism around issues of human dignity and justice are not extra-curricular activities, they are an integral part of what it means to be a follower of Christ.”

Plus, there will be loads of local speakers from the International aid and development sector who will inspire and encourage you.

And don’t forget our very own Tim Costello, a leading voice in our nation on the issues of social justice.


4. The chance to be in our nation’s capital (don’t worry; there IS a great coffee scene!)

Think Canberra is daggy? Think again.

Canberra is now home to one of the most thriving café and coffee scenes in Australia (great guide here!) . Our top picks at the moment are: Teddy Pickers, The Cupping Room, Highroad and Penny University Roasters.

Also, this year we are hosting VFJ in a landmark Christian venue in Canberra: The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

Set within the Parliamentary circle, this centre is the most beautiful and welcoming facility and comes complete with a reflective pool, prayer walk and amazing outdoor areas – all set behind the backdrop of Parliament House.


5. You will be making a difference!

VFJ has provided a catalyst for building long-term relationships between Australian Christians and their local MPs and set the stage for major aid announcements and breakthroughs in previous years.

We won’t just be in Canberra, making noise, we’ll be raising our voice for the most vulnerable citizens of the earth and our elected leaders will take notice!

In fact, the work of Micah and VFJ between 2005 – 2015, was pivotal in securing government commitment towards the Millennium Development Goals and helped bring greater attention to these global targets.


6. A chance to make life-long friends and build your own networks.

We know Christians sometimes don’t like the term ‘networking’, but the truth is we need to be well networked if we are going to make an impact together on global issues of justice!

VFJ will be an opportunity to grow those networks, as you learn what others are doing in the church space, as well as the development sector.

But of course, more than anything, you’ll make some lifelong friends (and maybe even meet that special someone?!!)


7. The moments will stay with you long after it’s over.

A former delegate told us this week they will never forget the moment, at a past VFJ event when a group of them ‘stood outside the Prime Minister’s office and prayed for our nation.’

It’s moment like these, being in the seat of power in our nation, that you will remember forever.

Sure, you could spend four days in December doing your normal routine, or you could take the risk and come to VFJ18.

We can guarantee you won’t regret it and you’ll be glad, for the sake of our nation and the world’s poor, that you did!


Early bird tickets for VFJ18 close at midnight Friday 31 August, register now!